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Euneos choice of venues is based on two essentials: delivering professionalism and assuring personal well-being in order to warrant enjoyable course experience.

Ilomantsi, Finland


Ilomantsi, a historic municipality founded in 1875 and the easternmost on the EU mainland, boasts stunning natural beauty with its diverse landscapes of swamps, hills, primeval forests, and waterways, rich Karelian culture, significant nature conservation areas, vibrant wildlife, and both the largest Orthodox wooden church and one of Finland's most colorful Evangelical Lutheran churches, making it a unique and enchanting destination.

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Course Venue.

The venue is located in Ilomantsi. Participants arrive to Joensuu from where there is a local transport to Ilomantsi.


Some of the available accommodation:

Hotel Pogostan Hovi

Anssila Farm Tourism  

Hostel Pikku Priha

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Nearest airport and railway station is in Joensuu. The distance from Ilomantsi to Joensuu is 72 km (about an hour) and to Helsinki 511 km. It is highly recommended to take the sustainable railway option to come to Joensuu. From Joensuu there will be an own bus transportation to Ilomantsi. The bus will be used during the whole week. 



Catering options

You have your KA1 grant budget for your accommodation including meals. There will be a catering package for the lunches to be paid beforehand. As we are travelling during the days it is the best option. 


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Ilomantsi population is nowadays 4406. It is the easternmost municipality on the mainland of the EU and it has about 100 km of border with Russia. Karelian culture has a long history in Ilomantsi, and it cherishes even today. The nature of Ilomantsi is a varied combination of swamps, hills, primeval forests and waterways. The snow cover is among the thickest in Finland and the snowy season usually lasts from November to April. There are a total of 25,000 hectares of nature conservation and protected areas (ridge, marsh and water areas) in Ilomantsi. In Petkeljärvi and Patvinsuo National Parks, nature is at its purest and most authentic. The most significant waterways are the hundred-leaved Koitere, Lake Nuorajärvi and the Koitajoki River, which meanders through Ilomantsi and occasionally diverges on the Republic of Karelia. The fauna of Ilomantsi represents a bold guard of horned, winged and bushy fur. Bears and wolves belong to the nature of Ilomantsi. The swamp is an experience that takes you to the mysteries of nature. Deep waters and quiet breaths vibrate there. Kesonsuo is a significant bird swamp. Cloudberry is the pearl of Ilomantsi swamps, cranberry their tartness. Ilomantsi is the oldest Orthodox region in Finland. The Orthodox parish was founded already in the 1300s and its main church is the largest Orthodox wooden church in Finland. The Orthodox parish comprises about 18% of the inhabitants. The beautiful Evangelical Lutheran wooden church of Ilomantsi from 1796 is one of Finland's most colourful picture churches, the "Church of One Hundred Angels". The Evangelical Lutheran congregation was founded in 1653. Tervetuloa!